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Monday, August 24, 2015

9 Back to School Tips for Student Success

Back to School Tips for Student Success

Are you ready for back to school? Getting back to a routine where kids can focus and pay attention for extended periods of time can be a challenge, but if your students follow these simple tips, you are sure to get your year off to a great start! 

Most of us tell our students to do these things to get ready for state tests, but  tell them to do them every single school day! You will find greater success from kids who are just able to stay on task.  HAVE A GREAT YEAR! 

Tip Number One: Go to bed on a school night at a reasonable time. Power down all electronics at least an hour before you turn out the light so you can rest. Research has shown that the blue light from tablets, cell phones, and even television can disrupt your brain’s sleep patterns. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will end up falling asleep where you are not supposed to!  

Tip Number Two: Before you go to bed, lay out what you want to wear the next day, put all your homework and papers together in your book bag, make sure any papers you need signed are completed, and decide what you are going to take for lunch or make sure your lunch account is paid so you don’t have to rush around in the mornings! Set your alarm for about an hour before you have to leave, so you will have time to get ready. There is a lot of truth in the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” 

Tip Number Three: When you get home, grab a snack and get your homework finished right away before you do anything else. Then you won’t have to be rushing to get it done at the last minute or when you are too tired to think. 

Tip Number Four: Eat a good breakfast everyday and make sure you have some sort of protein (Milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage…). Stay away from too much sugar, which can make you crash mid-morning. This will help keep you focused and you will be able to think clearer and have the stamina your mind needs to not wander.  

Tip Number Five: Get to school on time (early if possible) and organize yourself. Get your materials that you will need ready. Make sure your homework is handy with your name on it, your pencils sharpened, your paper or notebooks and any other materials your teacher requires ready. If you have to ask someone to borrow something, do it before the start of class. It takes away from everyone’s learning if you have to get your items together after the class has already started. Be prepared so you don’t have to disrupt the class to take care of these responsibilities. 

Tip Number Six: When the teacher starts talking, you should stop! Make sure you put every ounce of your energy on paying attention! This is why you came to class. This is the reason you are here…to learn. There will be time to visit with friends, but once class has started, open your ears and eyes, but close your mouth unless your teacher directs you to discuss something or answer a question. 

Tip Number Seven: When the teacher gives directions, you should follow them very carefully. Sometimes if you miss a step, you can get lost, and then lose focus. Raise your hand if you really are not sure about what to do. 

Tip Number Eight: Another good way to stay focused on your learning is to share it with someone else. When time allows, or when your teacher directs you to, explain a concept you understand well to someone else. It will reinforce your learning and help you remember it. You can even share it with your family when you get home. The more you repeat something, the better you will remember it. 

Tip Number Nine: When you don’t understand something, the best thing to do is to get help as soon as possible. You can’t afford to get behind. Once you get lost, it is easy to daydream and get even further off track. 

If you would like to share these tips with your students at the beginning of the year, I have put them all together in a colorful and engaging PowerPoint:

I hope you have a wonderful year and that all your students have great success!

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Best wishes for success always! Deborah

Sunday, August 2, 2015

TPT Back to School Link Up

Getting ready for Back to School? Once you get done with all of the procedural activities, where do you go from there? One of my best selling activities for Back To School is My Ten Qualities of a Good Leader PowerPoint. Helpful at the beginning of the year, this PowerPoint includes ten qualities that make a good leader. Some of the characteristics of a good leader include self-confidence, a sense of justice, and self-control. Good BTS character education activity or use when you are discussing classroom rules and behavior expectations. We tell kids to be good leaders, and not followers, but they need to know how. This presentation gives kids an understanding of what good leadership means.

Good for back to school or the beginning of the year to provide students an understanding of expectations. Use at the beginning of the year to motivate. Use at the end of the year to review important life skills. (For professional development, insert the word teacher for leader, and student for follower) Animated slides, Partner activity and writing assignment included, along with some quick review questions. Get it here: A great activity to do with this is to have students give a speech about how they plan to be great leaders in the new school year. If you want to do a speech of any kind, here is a great freebie that you can use to evaluate student presentations:

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I hope you have a great year! Deborah Hayes aka HappyEdugator

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Happy teaching and have a great year! Deborah Hayes aka HappyEdugator

I hope everyone has a great school year and that the back to school rush doesn't stress you out!

Best wishes, Deborah Hayes 
aka HappyEdugator