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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big TPT site-wide sale begins today! Free Clipart and Free Font!

The big sale is finally here! TPT is having a Teachers Are Heros site-wide sale and it starts today! My store will be 20% off and then you will get an additional 10% off of that at checkout when you enter the code HEROES.

250 × 120

The birds were singing this morning. Yes, they are telling me that winter is finally coming to an end, and that all this cold and dreary weather will soon be leading into my favorite time of year...Spring! I just can't wait to see all the lovely flowers and sit out in the sunshine. In case you missed it...I drew some flowers for your personal or commercial use. A taste of spring...get them here:

  Free Spring Flowers Clip Art

I have also been just dreaming of springtime, and so I named my first TrueType Font DeborahDreaming. You can download it for free here:

FREE DeborahDreaming Font for Personal or Commercial Use

I have also revised my St. Patrick's Day Writing prompts for primary grades and my St. Patrick's Day Fill-in for upper grades. Check them out while they are on sale:

St Patrick's Day Writing

St Patrick's Day

I am working on many materials right now for test preparation...yes, it is coming. You can see if there is anything that matches your needs in my store...just look under the custom category TEST PREP or type TEST PREP into the quicksearch bar.

On another note, I am very excited to have registered for the Las Vegas conference again this year. I had a wonderful time last year, and if you missed it, read my blog posts about what I learned. I am so looking forward to going again this year, and seeing many of you I met last year and meeting more of you this time around. Can't wait!!

with founder Paul Edelman!

with Deanna Jump!

with Amy Borrell!

with Laura Candler and Rachel Lynette!

That's all for now! Have a great day!

Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

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