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Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter and Snow! Fun activites!

So it's winter...but don't let it get you down. If you don't have a snow day and can't stay home, enjoy some fun winter activities in the warmth of your classroom. (Grades K - 3)

Remember, you can still make a sock snowman! Fun to decorate with hearts for rosy cheeks. (See my previous post.)

Or try some of these less time intensive activities:

1. Learn about animals that live in the cold. It always amazes me how a penguin or a polar bear can withstand subzero temps! I need a sweater if it gets below 65...of course, I live in southeast Georgia, so I can't take much cold. :) Check out these PowerPoints (which are also available as part of my Fun Facts About Animals BUNDLE):

Penguins - Fun Facts About Penguins PowerPoint

Polar Bears - Fun Facts About Polar Bears PowerPoint

2. Experiment - did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold? Most people think that it would be the opposite. Check out this interesting experiment on the Mpemba effect:

ICE The Freezing Water Experiment

3. Play inside. Read a book, do a puzzle...or do these snow activities for fun:

Snow Activities For Fun

4. Learn new words. Here are some vocabulary cards you may love for winter:

Winter Word Wall Winter Word Wall

Of course, you may have to consult a groundhog as whether there will be six more weeks of winter weather...

Groundhog Day Activities

And as always...a freebie for you!

Reading Strategies Bookmarks and PowerPoint

Happy teaching!

Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

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