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Monday, December 29, 2014

Ring in the New Year! 3 Days of Deals and a GIVEAWAY!

Photo: We are counting down to 2015 with some of our sweet TpT friends! Check back to see "what the deal" is tomorrow morning!

Happy New Year!  I've joined many of your favorite sellers to bring you 3 great days of deals. Here is the link: Today's deal is 20% off three items from each seller. You can see what I have on the picture below. Visit the link to see all the great resources for sale today only. 

Photo: I've joined many of your favorite sellers to bring you 3 great days of deals.  Here is the link: Today's deal is 20% off three items from each seller. You can see what I have on the picture below. Visit the link to see all the great resources for sale today only. Also, if you click on the blue giveaway tab on the left of my page, or on the GIVEAWAY tab above, you can enter to win a $25 gift certificate to TpT! Just go to each TPT store, download a freebie, leave feedback, follow if you wish, and get three entries for each one! Good luck!

Also, stop by my Facebook page and click on the GIVEAWAY tab to get chances to enter a $25 gift certificate!  While you are there, I would love for you to like the page so you can keep up with updates, freebies, and giveaways such as this one! :)

Photo: GIVEAWAY! Click on the Giveaway tab above and enter to win a $25 dollar TPT gift certificate! Just go to each TPT store, download a freebie, leave feedback, and get three entries for each one! Good luck!

I also made a new FREEBIE for New Years!

New Years 2015 Crown


I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year!
Best wishes,
Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas! Make a sock snowman!

Sorry to have been away so long, but I caught the flu this season and it really drained me. On top of that, the hustle and bustle of the holidays took all the rest of my energy. I am feeling better now, although I still have a persistent cough that just hangs on and on like the energizer rabbit.

I hope everyone had a great Hanukkah and a wonderful Christmas! Ours was absolutely wonderful! I just loved the Christmas card I received from TPT!

My husband and I had a quiet Christmas at home. I made a standing rib roast and we invited a friend for dinner. I missed the kids and grandkids who live so far away now, but they did love their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. We send you our best wishes!

I think the best part of our Christmas was being able to help some people with some big really IS better to give than receive. One thing we started this year that I think will now become a part of our holiday tradition...we bought cream cakes for the firehouses in our area and took them to the firefighters who had to work over the holiday. They really looked surprised and appreciated it! :)

I wanted to share this great winter craft that you can still do with your kids in January, or even February...a snowman made from a sock! I decorated mine with a Christmas theme, but you can change it up with the materials you have on hand. It turned out so cute...

To make a winter snowman: Take a long white tube sock, and cut the top ribbed part off to use for a hat. Stuff the sock with cotton, plastic stuffing pellets or raffia...I used Easter grass! Add a weight and sew up the bottom. Tie off into three sections. Glue ribbed piece on top of head, gather opening together and sew a pom pom on top. Decorate with ribbons, buttons, plastic ornaments, etc. 

If you are looking for some winter activities to do with your younger are some ideas from my store:

Snow Activities For Fun

Winter Word Wall

Penguin Digraph Sort Literacy Center Activity

Penguins - Fun Facts About the Life of a Penguin PowerPoint

If you are looking for activities for the New Year for the older kids...

New Year Around the World PowerPoint

New Year's Traditions Handouts and Quiz

New Year Activity

And, as always...FREEBIES FOR YOU!

For the younger set...

Animal ABC Book for Free - Blank

For the older set...

Happy New Year Handout

New Year Balloon Activity

Looking forward to a fantastic New Year! 


Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

Sunday, November 30, 2014

TPT Super Cyber Sale December 1st and 2nd!

You have probably already heard the news, but if not, this is a reminder that is having a super Cyber Sale starting Monday December 1 and running through Tuesday December 2. Just enter the code TPTCYBER at checkout and get an extra 10 % off your entire purchase. Most stores are participating in the sale by offering discounts up to 20% off ...if you stop by my store,  HappyEdugator , you will find my entire store is discounted at 20% off, so you can save a total of 28% at checkout! (20% off my items, and an additional 10% off that total at checkout.)

I am also including all my bundles in this sale, so you can really stock up on some fantastic savings!

As you probably know, my store has a variety of materials for all subjects and levels. I have been working on revising some of my older products, and adding some new ones. Remember, if you buy a product from me, you receive all future revisions and updates for free. Also, if you want something added you can contact me and I will try to help you out.  Here are some new additions:

Check out -

For middle/high school Language Arts -


A Christmas Carol Christmas Card Project

For upper elementary/middle grades Language Arts -

Parts-of-Speech-BUNDLE Grades-4-8

Parts of Speech BUNDLE - Parts of Speech Teaching Resource

For lower elementary math -


Christmas - Place Value

For all grade levels/subjects -


PowerPoint Game Templates BUNDLE

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Perhaps you enjoyed it with family and friends, or had a little get-away. I hope however you celebrated, you had a restful and blessed day.

Despite some glitches in our Thanksgiving this year, we really are counting our blessings. The weather was not cooperating for a journey north and across the country to Seattle or Chicago to see our families, and I did not really want to cook a huge dinner for just the two of us. So, my husband and I tried something different this year, and journeyed south to Cocoa Beach. We were so excited to get a great deal for three nights right on the beach.

Unfortunately, a cold front followed us, so even in sunny Florida, it was stormy and then chilly! On top of that, Greg caught a cold, so he spent the 3 days in the hotel room bed! :( We had a rather lackluster dinner at a buffet that was rather disappointing. However, we realized what was really important...we were together (with our doggies)!  Even though our plans did not pan out the way we wanted, we counted our blessings and reminded ourselves that we're truly blessed beyond measure!

Here's hoping you realize your blessings, too!

Best wishes,
Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

P.S. A big thank you to Heather Schmidt from Creation Castle for designing the cute banner above!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful! Collaboration! Place Value Christmas Resource!

So here it is, November already! Time flies when you are having fun. Really! A couple of weeks ago I was reading blogs and scrolling through my Facebook pages and I noticed one of my fellow bloggers lives only about an hour away from me. I thought, I need to contact her and offer to meet up for lunch. Why not? So, I contacted Fern Smith and asked her if she would like to meet for lunch, and so we set it up to meet at Olive Garden for all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks!

I was so excited...quite an adventure for me, because I don't like to drive into the city and face all the traffic, not to mention the big, tall bridges I had to cross. The big day came, and the Gator and the 'Nole had lunch together. We talked and shared, and it was a real treat! Time actually flew by, and I hardly even noticed the food...I was just enjoying the conversation so much. So thankful that I took the plunge and had the adventure! The result of it... we decided to collaborate on a Place Value Christmas Resource which I just published. I am really happy with it. This bundle of goodies covers a whole week of Place Value for 1.NBT.B.2, 2.NBT.A.1, and 3.NBT.A.2.  It has two fantastic PowerPoints, a Smartboard file, task cards, center games and printables. I think coming together to create was a great experience and a terrific learning experience and motivator.

Christmas Activities - Place Value

Christmas Activities - Place Value
A Week's Worth of Place Value for Christmas for 1.NBT.2, 2.NBT.A.1 and 3.NBT.A.2.
Fern made some absolutely fantastic task cards and 2 PowerPoints that are interactive. Everything has a black and white version in case you can't print in color!

I added Math Centers and Smartboard Games. I have also made these available separately in my store if you don't want to buy the bundle. However, the bundle is your best deal. Actually, a steal!

Christmas - Place Value Activities

Christmas - Place Value
What a fun and productive meeting! I think we will get together again in the future, and when we do, we will have to take a photo of the Gator and the 'Nole together! :)
I am so thankful for everything that has happened to me this year. I can't express how blessed we have been. Miracles have been happening in my life that I never thought possible. I so enjoyed going to the TPT conference in Las Vegas, being in Seattle for the birth of my grandson, being to help people in ways I never dreamed of...2014 has been a year to count blessings, and my cup overflows!
So, I would like to share with you some Thanksgiving freebies...I know it is a little late, but these can even be used to keep the kids busy while you are cooking the bird!

Thanksgiving: Free Thanksgiving Maze

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem - Thankful
Stop by my TPT store and download these freebies and look at all my Thanksgiving and Christmas products available. There may be something there that you would like to put on your wishlist!
I invite you to check out Fern's store:  Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas while you are on the web, too! She has some absolutely amazing products! Tell her Deborah the HappyEdugator sent you! 
Best wishes always for great success,
Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy October! Lots of freebies to help!

October is such a busy month. Fire Safety Week, Breast Cancer Awareness, Columbus Day, Football games, Homecomings, Fall Festivals, and Halloween! Whew! So much going on that it is hard to even have a minute to sit down and relax and very little time to read blogs!  So if you are reading this, I want to let you know that I really appreciate you!  I hope that the few minutes you spend reading this post will benefit you in some way...whether it be from a freebie, an idea, a resource, or just a smile. So, since everyone likes something for free, I will start out with posting some freebies for your collection!



For the younger set:

Animal ABC Book for Free Blank

Animal ABC Book for Free - Blank

For teacher creations:

Fire Safety Clip Art

Fire Safety Clip Art

For teachers:

Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmarks-Hope Fight Win

Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmarks - Hope! Fight! Win!
For young struggling readers:

Reading Strategies Bookmarks and PowerPoint

Reading Strategies Bookmarks and PowerPoint

For middle and high school teachers:

Speech Presentation Teacher Evaluation Sheet

Speech Presentation - Teacher Evaluation Sheet

For upper elementary reading:

Free Characterization Map

Free Characterization Map
A quick assessment:

Exit Ticket - Today's Reflection

Exit Ticket - Today's Reflection

As I said before, October is a very busy month. Now with Red Ribbon Week just around the corner, you might also be scrambling for ideas on what to do.  Here is a handout for free Red Ribbon Week Ideas, and a free essay contest entry form. I hope this will help make things Easy Peasy.

Red Ribbon Week Essay Contest Entry Form

Red Ribbon Week Essay Contest Entry Form

Red Ribbon Week Activities For Your School FREE

Red Ribbon Week Activities For Your School FREE

I also know many of you are trying to get your door decorated. Here is a resource that might help you get started:

Red Ribbon Week Door Decoration 2014

Red Ribbon Week Door Decoration 2014

Now, I know that Columbus Day has come and gone, yet sometimes you need an activity to follow-up or review. Here are two fun activities that your kids will love:

Columbus Day PowerPoint Why Do We Celebrate It

Columbus Day PowerPoint - Why Do We Celebrate It?

Columbus Day Word Search Poem and Fill in Activities

Columbus Day Word Search, Poem, and Fill-in Activities

One of my favorite times of year in the classroom is Halloween....for many teachers it is their least favorite. Kids are hyped up and excited. I found this photo the other night when I was rummaging around some boxes...this is a photo of my Pre-K class back in 1992, all dressed up for Halloween! These kiddos are all grown now! I've since lost touch with my assistant, but we sure had good times together...and this picture sure brings back memories! 

The kids were so cute in their little outfits. You can see some of our class activities in the background. We did color mixing with finger paints...those just look like big blobs of paint, but the kids learned that red and yellow made orange, yellow and blue made green, and red, yellow and green made brown! We also painted bats on orange paper and learned all kinds of information about bats and sang spooky songs. We made clothespin bats...I see a few of those in the window, and I remember making coffee filter ghosts, which we hung from the ceiling. I have put the songs and directions for the bats in my TPT store:

Halloween Clothespin Bats Craftivity and Bat Activities

Halloween - Clothespin Bats Craftivity and Bat Activities

Halloween Spooky Songs Twelve Fun and Easy Songs to Sing

Halloween Spooky Songs - Twelve Fun and Easy Songs to Sing

In seventh grade, we usually work on sentences at the beginning of the year. Halloween is a good time to review. We also work on subject verb agreement and dangling and misplaced modifiers. Here are some resources I use with the older kiddos.

Halloween Subject Verb Agreement Practice Sheet
Halloween Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Sheet

Halloween Spooky Grammar PowerPoint

Halloween Spooky Grammar PowerPoint

FREE  Halloween Types of Sentences Worksheet

Halloween Types of Sentences Worksheet

For over forty Halloween resources for a variety of grades, stop by my TPT Halloween store!

Happyedugator - Category - Halloween

And just to make you smile, this picture is of my kids back in the eighties! Yes, here is another oldie from a Halloween a long time coworker's little girl is the ghost, my daughter is the fairy princess, and my son was Prince Charming. (He turned 31 on Saturday) I made both outfits! 

Happy October and Happy Teaching!
Deborah Hayes

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top Ten Things I've Learned As a Teacher

It is amazing to me how fast the years go by as you get older, and it is even more incredible that a new school year has already started again. After 25 years in the classroom, I have been reflecting on what are the top ten things I have learned as a teacher that I could share with others who perhaps were just starting out in the profession. I also thought about how many of the things I learned in the classroom can also work for parents who have decided to give homeschooling a try. So, without further ado, here is my list in order of ascending importance:

10. Have a sense of humor ( be able to laugh at yourself and don't take student remarks personally)
9. Always have your plans ready, but be prepared to put them away (and use the teachable moment)
8. Always be honest with your students (they will be able to see through any facade)
7. Use hugs (let your students know how much you value them as individuals)
6. Explore learning styles and use them (bring your lessons to life for all learners)
5. Take trips (experience life outside the classroom. It doesn't have to be far...outside under a tree, at tables in library or media center...)
4. Have parent meetings (open communication with parents will gain their support)
3. Invite people to your classroom (guest speakers can provide many opportunities for enrichment)
2. Keep in touch with the needs of the students (know your students)
1. LOVE your students! (they are the future)

My advice then is to love your students, love what you do, and know that everything you say and do may be remembered and touch someone's life. Even the tiniest thing.

For instance, when I was in high school, and I wasn't even thinking about being a teacher at the time, a girlfriend needed help with her homework. I helped her, and as we sat together, she noticed a necklace I was wearing. She asked me about it.

"Oh, this?" I said, holding up the little glass ball that hung from a chain around my neck. "Inside this charm is a grain of mustard seed." My friend had never heard the story that if you have faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains, so I explained it to her. It only took a minute, and we went back to studying.

32 years later, my girlfriend from high school contacted me via Facebook. We had not seen each other since 1978! We reconnected in person, and one of the first things she told me was that she had always remembered the story I told her about the necklace, and that it had guided her life. I had to think hard, for I had forgotten about that necklace and that conversation until she reminded me of it. When I understood what had happened, I thought about it long and hard. How many little moments have I had in my life as a teacher where I may have touched a life forever and not even realized it?

So love your students and have a great year! Yes, as a teacher, you do touch the future...and even if you are not a teacher, everything you say and do may touch someone's heart for years to come.

Best wishes for a great school year!

Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

As always, at the end of my posts, I list some great freebies for you:

FREE Fall-Clip-Art

Fall Clip Art


3-digit Place Value Task Cards - Pumpkin Theme

FREE Spelling-Homework-Grids

Spelling Homework Grids