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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun Fall Activities!

Are your kids going batty waiting for Halloween? I can't believe that the holiday season is upon us! This is a great time of year for doing fun activities with your kiddos, and kids just love getting involved in all the action.

I love making things with the little ones. How about making some cheesecloth ghosts? Take a two liter bottle (I use one that is full so it won't tip over)  and tape a balloon on top of it. Then lay a piece of cheesecloth over the top. Drape it the way you want that makes it look spooky, and spray with spray starch. Repeat until stiff. Finish by gluing on some black felt eyes!

Another fun activity is to make gourd pumpkins! Start with a dried gourd. Clean it out and paint it orange, and carve it like a pumpkin! Glue it on a plate decorated with fall leaves. Glue some straw and a leave to the top for decoration.

Here is a treat for you!! Another activity is to make clothespin bats! Click here to get a great FREEBIE! Clothespin bat template and directions on how to make clothes pin bats, with lots of batty activities included! Halloween-Clothespin-Bats-Craftivity-and-Bat-Activities-373054

Happy Halloween!

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