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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fire Drills and Computer Crashes! :(

This week started out with my laptop computer crashing and although I had most of my data backed up in the cloud, I lost what I had worked on for three hours the night before. I went out and bought a new laptop, but now I have a learning curve with Windows 8. So, I have been getting behind on blog updates, product updates and creation, etc.
 Thursday we had a fire drill. Although we are used to having monthly fire drills, teachers and students alike were grumbling a bit as we headed out the door. Why? Because after last week, when a possible electrical fire made us evacuate the building for hours (it turned out to be refridgerant leaking from an air conditioning unit), we did not like the possibility of another long and hot wait out in the midday sun when it's over 90 degrees!

Thankfully, it was not a real emergency, and we were allowed to go back in the building fairly quickly. However, it was a flaming hot emergency for me, for while I was taking roll out in the grass, I stepped in fire ants! Ouch! I have about twenty little blisters all over my feet. Note to self - slip on closed shoes for fire drills. Sandals just don't cut it!
Oh well, at least Friday the 13th turned out well for me. I stopped by Chic-fi-A on my way to school and ordered a biscuit and orange juice. When I pulled up to pay, they said it was on the house! Woo hoo!
I hope everyone had a good week and especially a good Friday the 13th!

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Have a great weekend everyone!
Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

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