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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Last Week of School and a CLASSIC Movie

Well, I am coming up on the last week of school. We go all week this week, and then have the kids for only Monday and Tuesday of the following week. So excited to see the end of the year, and although I will be glad to see some kids move on, I will shed some tears for some others.

This final week is very simple to plan for. We are finishing up our book Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson Story, and kids will be scrambling to get in any make-up work they owe me. We will go to the computer lab twice this week, and then on Friday, we are watching the movie version of the book with another class in the media center.

So, that leaves Monday and Tuesday...grades will be in, and all books will be turned in. Lockers will be cleaned out. What do we do?

Well, in years past I have found this is a great time to show my kids a real CLASSIC movie that will hold them spellbound. The movie I found...National Velvet, starring a very young Liz Taylor and Mickey Rooney. Most have never seen it,which is great so they won't be bored, and the movie actually begins with the children in a rural English one room school house letting out for summer. The story is about a girl named Velvet who makes her dream come true of entering her horse into the Grand National, a very intense and dangerous English Steeplechase. With very little explanation of the story, my students love every minute of this movie. When the big horse race comes up, they are cheering and on the edge of their seats! So, that will be our plan for the last two days of school!

Here is a link to a four minute view of the highlights, made in memory of Elizabeth Taylor. Enjoy this movie with your students if you can.

National Velvet Highlights on YouTube

Best wishes,
Deborah Hayes
aka HappyEdugator

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