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Sunday, April 28, 2013

After Testing and Mother's Day!

Testing is over for our kiddos, and oh,what a relief it is! However, now my sweeties will think school is over, when in actuality we still have four more weeks to go. Ahhhh,. so how do I keep them engaged in learning when their mind is on summer vacation? 
Well, it won't be easy. It never is. Thank goodness we started the new book Gifted Hands last week, and they are intrigued by Dr. Carson's life as a kid and his rise to success. I think I have piqued their interest, but I have got to slowly reel them in! So, tomorrow we will read Chapters 2 and 3, and then go to the computer lab for a little webquest on significant terms they will come across in the book. I think that will an engaging activity, because they so love to get on the internet and research questions. 
The week will be interesting, because I will be out on Wednesday for professional training, and on Thursday the class will watch the Scholastic Book Fair video so we can start thinking about books that we might want to read this summer. I can't wait...and I will have to add some of the new titles to my summer reading list.
We will complete an activity for Mother's Day on Friday. I will be using my Proverbs...What Did Your Mother Tell You? PowerPoint. Mothers-Day-Proverbs-What-Did-Your-Mother-Tell-You-PowerPoint
We will make Mother's Day cards with acrostics made with Mom's first name and proverbs that begin with those letters. 

If you are looking for Mother's Day activities, I have several more in my TPT store:

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Have a great MONDAY! 

This week I am offering my STAR bulletin board set for free. It is a good set to use for summer school. 
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Deborah Hayes
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  1. Hello Deborah,
    I am a real fan of yours over at the forums. I was so happy to see that you stopped by at my very new blog, and even happier that I figured out how to get to yours! This is great! Karen